Make Waking Up in the Morning Easier

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Don’t want to get out of bed in the morning? Welcome to the club. Don’t feel like getting your homework done? Sick, I don’t either. Don’t feel like going to the gym? Are you going to complain or go?

For the most part, the things that you need to get done are never enjoyable. They never are exciting to accomplish, so you have trouble starting them. The real problem is that you’re wasting your own time. When you put off getting up in the morning you lose another half hour of your day. All you’re doing is smacking the snooze button and gaining nothing. Lying in your bed for another half hour does nothing. If you’re going to get up at some point why not do it right away?

When I wake up in the morning I turn off my alarm before the second buzz even starts. I sit up, grab my towel, and go to the shower. This takes me less than 30 seconds every single day. I find that if I sit there and wait a little to wake up, I just dread getting up even more. If I do it right away I know that my shower will wake me up. It has become total automation at this point. I turned my morning routine into complete automation. Why? It makes it that much easier to start and finish. I never want to wake up and go to classes, but I’m going to, so why put it off? For the first half hour of each day I do the exact same thing and it doesn’t bother me one bit.

I use automation to get me through the grimy parts of my day and it helps a lot. However, I can’t use it for everything. Some things I just have to start. I have to do my homework sometime today, so why not do it now? It really comes down to grinding through the rough patches so you can get to those golden moments. The moments where you can genuinely enjoy your day knowing that you got your work done and you can relax and do something you love. It can be moments you share with your friends, family, and peers as well. Grind to enjoy these moments.

It comes down to working hard through the things that you don’t want to work through. I’m trying to gain weight right now and some meals are hard to start let alone finish. I know that if I eat a little more than I think I can every day it will show and I’ll reach my goals. I just have to push my comfortability a little bit each time. Just enough to where I stretch it a little more the next time and the time after that. It’s the things that you know you need to do, but just don’t want to. Push through those moments every day and you will grow tremendously.

Whatever you need to use as motivation to get through these times, use it. Whether it’s chasing a goal, giving you some free time later on, or simply just to start the day on the right foot. Find these incentives and use them to your advantage. When possible implement some automation in the tough parts of your day. Waking up is hard, so make a good routine that makes it easy. Getting up to go to the gym can be challenging. Eliminate that challenge by making it a routine to go after work. Pack your bag in the morning with workout clothes. You’re much more likely to go to the gym after work when all you have to do is not go home. Make the tough parts of your day easier and everything will become easier. Good luck.

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